Why players create pure characters?

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It is simply an example as Pures might have quite different stats. By way of example, Void Mage Pure will instruct just Magic and Hit Points while perhaps not leveling Defence stats. So to RuneScape gold put it as simple as you can, Pures are reports which prevent leveling particular skills to achieve as low Combat Level as possible whilst remaining as harmful as possible with high-level stats from other abilities.

Why players create pure characters? They dedicate their time avoiding getting expertise in some of the skills while maximizing others. They do that because those gamers wish to be as dangerous in Player vs. Player as you can while looking just like a low-level character.

These figures often disguise themselves as a low-level novices who seem clueless while hiding their actual equipment in stock. They trick other players into assaulting them and activating the Skull. Pures change their equipment immediately and take revenge on those who wanted to kill them in the first location. With low Combat Level, they might seem like an easy goal, but it's calculated dependent on skills like Attack, Defence, Hitpoints, Prayer, Power, Ranged, and Magic, so by keeping some of these stats low, you can achieve maximum hits with little to no disadvantages.

Creating Pure character can be quite troublesome since you want to avoid getting levels in some specific abilities at all costs. It features always checking which battle style you're using. By way of example, by using Accurate combat style, you receive expertise in Strike and Hitpoints. The controlled style puts points in all the above at the exact same moment. As you can see, choosing the wrong combat style once can lead to leveling undesirable ability and, therefore, in destroying the Pure aspect of buy OSRS gold the account.

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