WOW TBC Classic: Players are not satisfied with the Brewfest event

WOW TBC Classic: Players are not satisfied with the Brewfest event

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Some Burning Crusade Classic WoW players have found that the seasonal events of the Wine Festival are completely different from what they remember, and they are very dissatisfied with it. The biggest attraction of World of Warcraft Classic's restart is the entire "classic" part. These TBC Classic Gold games are touted as the original experience more than ten years ago.

Players think this also applies to the seasonal wine festival in The Burning Crusade. However, when they logged in on September 20th, some people noticed that this was an old version and not the original version. The reason why the Classic Wine Festival is the same as the first time in 2007 is that it is the only year in which players can get the Brewfest Ram mount. It only increased the speed by 60%, but it is a very unique project, only available in 2007.

On the contrary, we seem to have obtained the patch 2.4.3 version of the event, which still allows players to complete tasks, but cannot unlock the Brewfest Rams. For players who completed the Riding Rams mission in 2007, this ordinary mount still seems to be an extremely rare status symbol, and those who try to obtain it after these years are out of luck.

Players will also not be able to Buy TBC Classic Gold unlock the 2007 Yellow Brewfest Stein, although for obvious reasons, it is not as popular as a mount. The tribesmen seem to have encountered difficulties in completing the mission line. For tribal players, the NPC is obviously not triggered, so it cannot be completed. Sure enough, WoWHHead confirmed that this task was tapped and did not work properly, so I hope Blizzard can resolve it before the end of the Wine Festival on October 6.

However, players can still use Swift Brewfest Ram and Great Brewfest Kodo during the event. They are both very fast mounts, which means that they provide a higher boost than ordinary Rams. Therefore, although the player cannot obtain a status symbol, at least the player can get a faster and less rare symbol to solve the player's troubles. By the way, MMOWTS is selling the cheapest WOW TBC Classic Gold on the market, welcome to visit!