Dual weilding is also referred to as p2p, is only available using f2p.

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The main reason why I'd return is that I have an account named "Scaper ".... Also since I'm getting bored real soon and I'd like to give it another spin just to meet all of you lovely people again. So, here's the deal: Training melee in F2P: How is it possible to do it? It appears that the deadly red spiders are extremely effective. I'd be practicing... for defense. Also, probably attacking. I'm not interested in strengthening until I'm p2p with an unpredictable maul.

What kind of gear will we be discussing about here? Rune 2h? Rune 2h? True, I don't know my own stats. Is range a viable way to train defense now, or is it still an ineffective method? Could someone explain precisely how the EoC works? Can "afk" and "minimum attention training" still be feasible (although it's not very effective, I'm certain), or do I need to use abilities to fight? Wow I feel like such a noob.

All "special attacks" have been removed This is the reason why a lot of items crashed. Eg. Dclaws were cut from 13m and 500k respectively. Each weapon has a tiered design. For instance, the rune long is the same stats as rune sword. Only dif is atk (slash/stab) style. 2handed weps have a 150% dmg advantage over one-handed weps. 1handed weps are now available as an "off hand" version that allows you to "dual dennd" two weps at a time. Dual weilding is also referred to as p2p, is only available using f2p.

Armour is tied and all old school runescape gold armour of lvl50 come with the same stats. Armour includes classes, such as Mage and melee, as well as range. Tier50 armour: rune, batwing, and blue Dhide. All have the exact same statistics. The only difference is the classes. So a person running an individual in rune will have the same dpss as one meleeing an mage. A lot of things were nerfed or buffed. Deadly red spiders gave over 200k xp/h in p2p with 90+ cmb statistics.

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