The colorful portrait of a woman received many awards from Cristina Venedict.

When you want something from the bottom of your heart, the Universe will show you a way,

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When you want something from the bottom of your heart The universe will show you the way,” Romanian photographer Cristina Venedict says of her path to photography.

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She likes to use complementary primary colors in portraits. This allows her spirit to speak to the audience using a style learned at an art school. But her path to photography discovery was not that straightforward.

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Only those of us who are fortunate enough to find what truly demands in our lives. Many of us are stuck in a 9-to-5 mundane hoping that we can find a way to express our creativity (I'm almost 15 years of my life), and many others are stuck in that same rut yet.

You might be wondering what they can do creatively. even going to art school It took Christina a few years to figure out what she really liked. Step by step, she began to bring her imagination to photography and gradually brought it to a higher artistic level. Twice, her portrait has taken 1st place in the Romanian category at the World Photography Awards.



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