I know as well as many people that not everything is free

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List Below:"Oh Look, I believe I will go perish." "Hmm. . Who shall attack me ?" "Oh my! A Clan! Hey! Clan! Over here! . Oh My!" And even it I wanted to go die the revrents would kill me on the way into the Bounty RuneScape gold Hunter. They are worse then PKers. PKers atleast understand when to give up chaising you; Revrents dont give up! , They can consume! I mean, Really!

Hai! This is my proposal:

We should have a"slot machine" machine, which will be set in most Summoning shops/obelisks (see the KBase for more information on this). I've broken my suggestion into two components, read them under: Betting - You put a number of the Charms you do not want in the slots machine and get random Charms.

"A game determines everything, simply because a person play with a match means they're only a bunch of small children". As a complete, I am a really dumb student at my college, since im taking classes in which I just have no idea how people get better grades than me, because im slow. . .and believe me I take semi-college classes im not a nerd, and im not a retard who doesnt care about education, VERY RARELY you will find people like me, who CARES about education and yet not crazy about it... if you really hate reading Buy old school runescape gold then read the bold part. . K!?!

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