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Between photo-realistic graphics and a new 2K21 MT style, basketball fans have a great deal to look forward to when it comes to the PlayStation 5 along with Xbox collection X/S variations of NBA 2K21. And you'll be able to add The City, an enlarged online hub globe, to the listing of next-generation specific features.

The City builds on The Neighborhood gameplay style that has been a part of this franchise throughout the last few years. When you visit The City, you'll begin at"Rookieville." It is just what it sounds like: a tutorial region where you'll need to complete several tasks before the rest of the internet world opens up to you. Once you're from Rookieville, you'll pick among four Affiliations to join: North, South, East and West. Every faction calls a different borough of The City their house also has its own mayor.

Visual Concepts will handpick the match's first mayors in the Buy NBA 2K MT community to serve a first term. Afterward, every Affiliation will vote for their representative via an in-game poll -- in case you haven't had your fill of elections in the last week. Each term lasts fourteen days, and as a mayor, you'll have the power to define your faction's visual identity. Visual Concepts will allow mayors to personalize their Affiliation's uniforms, courtroom layouts and much more.

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