ROB I at least sort of get. Being old enough

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As a Dante supporter, I truly dont like that he's the move to choice for everyone to call a"swordfighter". Yes he has a sword, but it's not his only way of fighting; he uses firearms, transforms into a demon, even has a bike and Animal Crossing Items guitar, etc.. He's far more varied than every swordfighter we've gotten (such as Byleth, they tried and made her an actually distinctive fighter). Just like 5 of his motions utilize the sword, all his various weapons have about equivalent use. Dante is far beyond being a swordfighter, also could be a great and very unique character in Smash.

I believe that the best example of the swordfighter double standard is Sora. He's among the most well-known asks the world over, and he's a quintessential anime sword boy. 3 attacks. However, in case a character so much as scents such as a swordfighter this community freaks out.

Perhaps I did not make myself clear . I'm not saying Sora is a bad choice for Smash. He's really my #2 most-wanted personality. I've played essentially every significant KH game (excluding KHX) and I was a avid KH forum-goer for more than ten years.

Sora has lots of potential for an enjoyable and interesting moveset. Corrin transforms into a dragon, Byleth utilizes tons of different weapons, Pyra uses fire attacks and transforms, and Hero has plenty of charms and RNG control choice. Nevertheless they get hated on to be"another sword user".

My point was that it's hypocritical for people to ask for characters like Sora in this game whilst whining about characters like Pyra being"another sword user". Since Sora would absolutely play like a sword user, despite all the extra things he would bring to the table. Being a sword user isn't bad, and no personality ought to be criticized for this provided that they deliver an intriguing twist on the archetype.

ROB I at least sort of get. Being old enough to have existed when ROBs were a reasonably common occurrence with NES's; that thing was a piece of crap and straight up didn't work for the large part. The 2 matches he worked with weren't even great on their own either. It just felt odd.

You will find TONS other characters that could have filled his spot very well, and IMO, a LOT more appropriately.

Beforehand folks get so involved in the possible along with the hype. But when a personality gets in, they are just another fighter in Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket a fighting game. All that matters is them being enjoyable and/or strong to fight since

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