I know this is kind of a matter

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I know this is kind of RuneScape gold a matter but the new hp update? Perhaps they want to gain respect of WoW. By having more hp and higher hits. Making it look cooler when you hit. Trying to gain more gamers, aventually gaining some money by a few of those people to members also rsc.

I logged in when it had been the 2009 2 week period and now I said,"I want to get on rsc and own some nubs in wild" NOPE I want members. I thought about it and it makes sence that its members because its basically a members match. But why would it function members? Only like 200 people play it still do they really need that $1,000? Theres over 150,000 people play it, most of them are members, why fee for rsc? Okay im just going to stop now you have the idea.

 I am a f2p pker who's members for coaching sakes only, so that I really don't need herb, etc.. In addition, I have 50 rc, therefore I do not need anymore, as max f2p rc cash is GOP anyways. The only membs skill I'm willing to train would be slayer, so I was comtemplating that...

Step 1: Get slayer and range up this week (I'll have about 15 hours to play, my college week is shortened for juniors ACT). Step 2: Finish Dwarf Cannon this week. Step 3: Try to get a lesser job from Vannaka to spare for xp weekend. Step 5: Purchase best dhide possible (ideally reddish ) and bronze knives (have 10k of them now). Step 6: When the weekend rolls around, set up cannon at lessers, knife lessers. Step 7: After task, get more from Vannaka and Cheap RS gold then cannon them as well. I have around 900k. Is this a fantastic idea?

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