The first private crew on the International Space Station were stranded there. Due to bad weather

The first all-private crew mission to the International

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Bad weather delays private astronauts return home, Nasa crew launch to space  station | The Independent


The first private crew missions to the ISS will be there a little longer. And the next mission of NASA astronauts will stay on Earth a little longer. Due to storm forecasts near the Florida coast

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The four-person crew of Axiom-1, all private citizens who flew aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft leased by the space station company Axiom Space, arrived at the International Space Station on April 9 and are

expected to fall into the waters off the coast of Florida when. Tuesday But potentially dangerous weather forced NASA to postpone its water-splash schedule to Sunday afternoon.Crew-4, the government's fourth astronaut mission to ride

the Crew Dragon to the ISS, was supposed to launch on Saturday morning. But since the ISS has only two ports, where crew dragons and mate with the station. And both ports are now occupied by two spacecraft delivering Crew-3 missions.

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