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When looking at the reprocessing values on the base line it's possible to see that all of these require significant investment in reprocessing skills to EVE Echoes ISK acquire any value from reprocessing them into minerals. Hemorphite and Gneiss should not be reprocessed at current prices since eve at perfect reprocessing abilities you wouldn't be breaking even in worth.

Null Sec ores have noticed a bit of a shake up, together with Jaspet now the ideal ore to be mining for now with the price changes to minerals we saw over the week. This is because of it using a large reprocessing output of zydrine and nocxium that are still holding their value compared to the other nutritional supplements. Crokite and Hedbergite are not far behind since they are both are still above 300 ISK/m3 due to their nocxium and zydrine reprocessing sparks too, but provide less when compared to Jaspet. Bistot, Arkonor and Mercoxit will go back up in price since we get nearer to T8 and T9, but for the time being it is better to take care of Cheap EVE Mobile ISK another ores in null sec if you're looking to sell them for ISK available on the industry right now.

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