Cartier pebble watch Ref. CRWGPB0003

Cartier pebble watch Ref. CRWGPB0003

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Cartier Pebble Reissue

Simple, original and eye-catching.replica swiss watches

Launched to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the original being created in the jeweler's London studio, the Cartier Pebble also coincides with the wave of interest in vintage Cartier watches that started during the pandemic. The Pebble replica, which looks a lot like the original but has enough tweaks to make it a modern timepiece, is the second commemorative replica after the Tank Cintrée 100th Anniversary Edition two years ago.

Cartier London produced only six large-sized Pebbles in the 1970s, and the original Pebble has always been an odd watch known only to a handful of Cartier enthusiasts. The reissue changed that, but it was a limited edition of just 150 pieces, which was low enough to disappoint some potential buyers.

A hair larger than the vintage original, the re-issue is a small watch by modern standards at 36mm in diameter, but feels larger than that due to the shape. In fact, 36mm is probably the largest size it can go without changing its shape; anything bigger and it would resemble a dinner replica watches

On the wrist it's striking, and unlike other retro remakes, the new Pebble might be considered a modern watch because of its novel form. Minor tweaks have been made to the reissue's design, giving it a more refined look than the original. For example, Roman numerals have tighter lines. The result is a watch that looks thoughtfully designed.

Everything about the reissue is very well executed, from the case to the dial to the crown, everything but the strap. The calfskin strap almost feels synthetic and is definitely lacklustre, but luckily it's an easy fix, especially since the watch is delivered with a pin buckle (the lack of a folding clasp is certainly a drawback for traditionalists) .

Many of Cartier's limited-time watches command high prices - and collectors are happy to buy them. An obvious contrast is Crash, also produced by Cartier's London workshop. But Crash has been produced in more numbers than it should be known. The fact that its shape is Dali-esque also contributes to its place in the popular imagination.Patek Philippe Grand Complications Grandmaster Chime 6300

Pebble, on the other hand, was esoteric before its reissue. For one, the original was produced in smaller volumes than the Crash, and wasn't really mentioned until last year when two older examples sold for six-figure prices. The Pebble, while novel, is certainly not as imaginative as the Crash. So the Pebble doesn't stand alongside the Crash as one of the most important watch designs.

That said, the Pebble Reissue is certainly an inherently attractive watch that's interesting in terms of design and feels great on the wrist. It gets almost everything right except the price.

Pebble is elegant and simple, just a square in a circle. But it's round in almost all planes—even the square has rounded corners—and it has an almost sensual feel to it.

The reissue has a diameter of 36mm, which is about 1mm wider than the original. The proportions are also slightly different, causing the reissue to appear larger than its 36mm counterpart.replica Franck Muller Vanguard watches

However, the construction of the case appears to be identical to the original, at least visually. The back is secured by four screws, while the lugs take the form of small stubs protruding downward from the middle of the case. These unobtrusive lugs create the optical illusion that the strap fits seamlessly into the case.

The less obvious difference between the reissue and the original is the crystal. Compared to the reissued sapphire crystal, the original PlexiGlas crystal appears rounder and thicker. This is another element that makes the reissue look modern.

Like the Tank Cintrée 100th Anniversary Edition re-released in 2020, the Pebble Remastered Edition features a parchment-toned dial for a slightly retro feel. But since everything about the dial is clean and crisp, it is unmistakably a modern creation.

The replica dial is undoubtedly superior to the vintage original. Most Cartier London watches, like the originals, have a questionable quality of printing on the dial. In contrast, the dial of the replica version has fine texture and neat printing.

The dial now also incorporates the Cartier "Secret" signature in "VII", a tradition on modern Cartier watches but absent from the original. Another noteworthy change is the Cartier logo below 12 o'clock. It now takes the form of the jeweler's modern logo, while the originals both featured a vintage cursive logo that is no longer in use.

Below the solid back is the calibrator. 430 MC. Manufactured by Piaget, this movement is also known as cal. 430P. Introduced in 1990, it is one of the longest-lived movements in the Piaget collection and its reliability is proven by its longevity. In fact, it's strong enough that both Cartier and Piaget use the movement as the basis for various other movements.

Carl. The 430 MC is often seen in Cartier models because of its compact height and diameter – measuring 2.1mm x 20.5mm – it fits into small or narrow cases. It's pretty much the default movement for the brand's smaller hand-wound watches, like the Santos-Dumont lacquered case.

But the size brings with it a small mainspring, limiting the power reserve to just 38 hours. That equates to about a day of daily wear, meaning the watch has to be wound every day to keep running.replica mens watch

Cartier pebble watch
Ref. CRWGPB0003

Diameter: 36mm
Height: not available
Material: 18k Yellow Gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Crystal: sapphire

Movement: Cal. 430 MC
Functions: hours and minutes winding
: manual winding
Frequency: 21,600 beats per hour (3 Hz)
Power reserve: 38 hours

Strap: Pin Buckle Calfskin

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