All make it a far better spot all around.

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Green Dragons in the Wilderness normally have quite a few people inside them, but about 10 Green Dragons. Green Dragons from the Chaos Tunnels have several people, but just 3 Dragons. From the Chaos Tunnels, there's always a risk of RS gold the portal being gloomy and hauling you to a random room. [Open the Spoiler to get a map which shows the length of Green Dragons from the Wilderness to a bank, in comparison with the Grand Exchange or Edgeville throughout the Chaos Tunnels]

I'd probably suggest beginning with the green dragons above Varrock, afterward, if your a bit unhappy with the amount of people/banking times, switching to the Chaos Tunnel greens. For the green drags in level 20 above varrock, your best choice is to find a couple of games necklaces, then teleport to clan wars, and walk a short distance east till you find the dragons. Then, once your complete, only teleport to bounty hunter employing the games necklace, bank, then teleprot into clan wars and repeat. It saves lots of walking, and matches bracelets are inexpensive and easy to buy, or make if you've got a few spare sapphires.

The chaos tunnel green dragons are a lot quicker and simpler once you get used to them. Although they will use more food than the wilderness dragons, the Ease of being1) from this wilderness (no revenants and their pesky teleblocks) 2) much less crowded (just takes 1-2 jumps to find a world without anybody on it) 3) Agree to some lender than the wilderness dragons

All make it a far better spot all around. In case you've got a home with a mounted decoration and alter, bring home teletabs/runes and recharge pray there then teleport to edge to bank/restart excursion. Otherwise, use varrock teletabs/runes, lender at varrock east bank, and recharge prayer in the alter to the north. Enter through the dungeon entrance just above the"Mapped from Flippi273" box, and run south through the cavern then use the portal to get into the green dragon area. Ensure you use up your entire prayer before you begin using food so as to buy RuneScape gold minimise the quantity of food you waste. There are also a few other spots you may use, like the numerous spawns a bit south of the lava maze in 40 wildy, which is always abandoned, however filled with revenants and only accessible by the portal sites. In addition, the level 13 ones north of Falador. However, the Varrock ones are most likely best for drags in the wilderness.

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