When you input duel stadium

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In staking (or even dueling), there's this approach that I've seen folks use and it is: Wear weak armour. The stake (or duel) starts, and you place in your best"guns" (armour ). You win the stake (or duel!) Is this some kind of offence of some of RS gold the runescape rules. . .like scamming? I duno:therefore I only wish to know if I can use it, it appears pretty powerful. When you input duel stadium, heres what it says: Dueling is a very honorable practice and when you're at it you can't cheat, dishonor, or try to escape one by ANY reason or excuse after you've accepted it.

Applying rapid or even accurate is probably better. I suggest quick. (2) Well, monster slayer is up for you, would you head back to being mainly warrior? Is hitpoints considered a warrior item? I believed it was'nuetral' meaning it is not'warrior' or'range' or''mage' (3)I am unsure about the iron arrows, which is dependent upon how much cash you've got available. At the moment, I would suggest getting your fletching level upward, so you don't have to rely on buying your arrows. I guess you could switch to steel at about 50-60? I am 70 and use steel arrows, and I do not think mithril or even addy arrows are actually a nessesity.

I would also suggest doing the'Animal Magnetism' quest, you get a backpack which collects steel arrows once you're in 50 range. However, even though you could, do not do OSRS buy gold the quest till you're at 50 range. Since you don't have any problem getting iron arrows right now, it's not a major thing. The backpack only collects arrows as you walk round. Good luck, I hope I helped!

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