How the fuck is complete higher

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If a person has a greater throw power I freak out. Last year I think that it was only Josh Allen. Throw power needs to be 99. If you make it 99 there is no room for Madden nfl 21 coins advancement. He is still young. Let him gain a few stats throughout the Madden year lol. I really don't understand that his throw electricity will ever really get better. Even if he gets stronger (that I don't see happening because he sometimes talks about the things he is working on and throw power isn't among these ) his throw electricity is already essentially soft capped. He can throw the distance of the field and likely already has to be cautious to not break his receivers palms on shorter throws. How the fuck is complete higher than some of the other numbers. . .are there like 10 other dents which are 105 that's missing?

It might be the burden of those relative to position. I know when creating a participant previously like QB not every state needed to be 99. Some stats, like throw power and precision made the total raise quicker than say jumping or trucking did. Or they are a 99 in just a couple of important stats and but lower in other relevant ones but the burden of these stats made them 99 overall. Couple that with participant archetypes that further alters to buy mut coins madden 21 significant attributes which could describe it as well. They don't only take the raw average of attributes. I am guessing the factors that matter are plugged in an equation for each place.

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