How to use Melee Weapons, Sword and Shield in New World

There are many types of weapons in New World.

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There are many types of weapons in New World. Today I will briefly introduce the use of Melee Weapons, Sword and Shield, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.

Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons is very complicated in New World. Whether it is a slow two-handed weapon or a fast one-handed weapon, you will get it. These weapons can be used in DPS, but there are a few weapons that do not need to rely on evasion, but have the most direct tank capabilities.

If you want to get a stronger DPS, then one-handed melee is often the best choice. Although two-handed melee can have a great impact compared to one-handed melee, the attack speed is often slow. However, two-handed melee combat has a huge improvement in crowd control and destructive potential than single-handed melee combat.

Sword and Shield

In New World, Sword and Shield is often the first weapon used by players, and its offense and defense are relatively balanced. If it is mainly focused on swordsmanship, then DPS for melee combat is quite capable. If you like to focus on choosing Shield side of the tree, you are the best choice as a tank in the game。

The farthest use of swordsmanship often appears in the early upgrades of the game. The Whirling Blade and any upgrade you are interested in can cause additional damage and AOE for you, and then Shield Bash and Shield Rush can be used on the defender's side.

Strength and Dexterity is a manifestation of damageNew World Gold  to Sword and Shield, so they are the areas you need to pay attention to in all the data. In this weapon, relative to Dexterity, Strength is the main attribute that expands damage. It is often combined with the axe used in Tank Setups, and it has a wide range of applications, and can be combined with almost any weapon. But if you want to combine it with a magic weapon, you need to add a gem to make the damage considerable.

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